Dream Music Festival

Penticton Trade and Convention Centre
273 Power St
Penticton BC
Friday, May 12, 2017 - 19:00

Dream Music Festival DREAM MUSIC FESTIVAL:
Event Date: Friday, May 12 at 7PM
$69, $89 and $99* (*plus applicable service fees)

Based on overwhelming audience demand, the Dream Music Festival returns to the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13 at 7PM, for the third year in a row. The 2017 Dream Music Festival is presented by the Dream Cafe Co-op, A&A Propane and Penticton Western News. Once again, music fans from western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the US will be treated to an amazing weekend of of folk, rock, blues, R&B soul and gospel, the likes of which has rarely been seen in any musical festival in Canada.

This year promises to be a gala event commemorating the Dream Café’s sixteen year history of bringing the finest musicians in Canada and North America to the Okanagan. Although the festival celebrates the past, its soul lies in embracing the exciting future of the Okanagan’s iconic Dream Cafe. Ticket prices begin at $69.00 and limited seats for both nights are still available. However, both nights will sell out, so act now and purchase tickets before the inevitable sellout. For more information, please click here.

This year’s line-up is especially strong with a diverse group of Canada’s finest musicians. This year’s format will be slightly different with more time being allocated to each performer. The artists include:

Jim Byrnes – returning for the third year as host and performer, Jim is a Canadian legend and bluesman extraordinaire. His richly powerful voice and passionate guitar playing exemplifies the authenticity that over 45 years of singing blues, folk, soul and gospel throughout North America imparts.

Shakura S’Aida – one of the most gifted, passionate and powerful female singers in Canada.  Her electrifying performance at the 2016 festival demanded a return visit.  Shakura is a true citizen of the world. She incorporates global rhythms into her blend of blues, jazz and R&B, with the result being some of the most powerful, exciting and dynamic music that Canada has to offer.

Steve Dawson – An exceptional acoustic guitar player, Steve embraces the vast richness of North American music in everything he plays. Not content with being a master of blues, folk and rock, Steve is equally at ease with jazz, Hawaiian and experimental music. It’s impossible to hear his music without being deeply moved.

Angel Forrest – Angel is one of Canada’s most powerful blues singers. Deeply soulful, passionate and authentic, Angel, accompanied by her two extraordinary guitar players, Denis Coulombe and Ricky Paquette, weaves blues and rock into web of music that leaves audiences amazed.

Russell DeCarle – Although justifiably known as one of Canada’s finest county singers,  Russell’s rich, warm voice is equally at home with roots and blues music. After years of serving as the front man for legendary Canadian country swing band, Prairie Oyster, Russell’s palette now includes southern soul, blues and jazz.

Lance Anderson – simply put, Lance is one of Canada’s finest keyboard players. There is no style of music that he has not conquered and made his own. Whether playing blues, jazz, rock or folk in his own groups, or accompanying the incredible Shakura S’Aida, Lance makes music that swings and leaves audiences amazed.

Big Dave McLean – Although there may be blues performers with more name recognition, none are more authenticate and committed to the majesty of the blues than Dave. The quintessional “behind the scenes” player, Dave is a master of acoustic blues. His voice imparts the soulfulness of a life enmeshed in every aspect of the blues.

Devon Coyote – a trio comprised of some of Kelowna’s finest players, Devon Coyote seamlessly fuses rock, blues and roots music into an exuberant blend that has had audiences singing and dancing throughout Canada for years. Their energy is so strong that it is almost impossible to sit still during one of their performances.

The Dream House Band includes:

Keith Bennett – Keith is probably the best harmonica player in Canada and one of the finest in North America. Although he can play any style of music, his heart and soul is with the blues.

Chris Nordquist – Returning for his third Dream Festival, Chris is one of the most respected musicians in Canada and one of the most sought after drummers in the country. Since the late 1960s, he has played with virtually every major Canadian blues, R&B and folk artists.

Jerry Cook – Also returning for his third Dream Festival, Jerry is an exceptional blues and jazz saxophonist, Jerry is widely respected by musicians for his soulful blues-drenched playing and is loved by audiences throughout the country.

Bernie Addington – one of Canada’s finest bass players, Bernie is as comfortable playing blues and R&B as he is with jazz. Versatility and a deep sense of swing are the hallmarks of his playing.

Tickets for Dream Music Festival are $69, $89 and $99* (*plus applicable service fees and tax). They're available for purchase online here, and in person at the Valley First Box Office (at the SOEC).